Statue restoration, church restoration, and church design have been our specialties for 79 years. In 1928, Leo Ratigan, son of an Irish immigrant, began restoring churches and church statues under the apprenticeship of Italian and German Artisans in Omaha, Nebraska.

Three generations later, fourteen Ratigan family members across the nation restore statues and design and restore churches; with the goal of giving glory to God and humble service to his church.

Our work is classical, not trendy or faddish. Our craftsmanship is Old-World and impeccable. Our materials are genuine and of utmost quality, including our pure gold leaf. We do not use fake gold or second-rate materials on our statues as so many other “artists” do.

75 years of and glowing testimonials in the church restoration and statue restoration business tell a story of success. Contact us for a list of references and cruise our website for photographs of our work.

We would like to help you with your project, large or small!

Sacred Heart Church Art

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